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Hayat mall's start was at 2006, and ever since that day the mall got more popular and special due to the good news that improved it, and the unusual uniqueness.
it's known for its strategic location in Riyadh, which is easy to reach, and it's consaidered one of the most successful commercial projects, as it combines several privileges of both the spaciousness of the place, the variety of the stores, and the gorgeous interiors & exteriors.
The annual total number of visitors of Hayat Mall exceeds 10 million, and it won " the International Cityscape Award " in 2010 as the best commercial and retail project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, It also included many distinguished services and special stores such as the Danube, the Liwan area, restaurants area , different entertaining places.
it's considered a projects of Alandalus Real Estate Company.

  • Location Riyadh– King Fahed District.
  • Total Area 226,108 sqm
  • Tenants 450 Store