All what you can imagine in one unique shopping experience!

All what you can imagine in one unique shopping experience!

Browse through Hayat Mall's online website to know more about more than 450 brands and much more various fun experiences.

Live a unique and special shopping experience with varieties of Hayat Mall stores

Hayat Mall owns many international and local brands also, there are more than 450 different stores, varies from fashion to beauty and other different stores, providing you with an enjoyable and unique shopping experience, serving all your needs and interests.

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The most famous local and international cuisines, closer to you now than ever

Hayat Mall provides a variety of different and unique restaurants, to enjoy the best and most delicious flavors and dishes.

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Enjoy your imagination and fly even higher in the open sky of movies

Hayat Mall provides cinemas to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, excitement and pure adventure. Make your moments and your family's unique and exceptional.

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Strongest offers and best discounts

You will find here everything new in the world of seasonal offers and discounts, to live the experiences of saving and shopping comfortably and easily.

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Discover the events and exhibitions

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